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Recurring monthly giving helps Answers for Angels promote the physical, mental, and emotional health of cancer patients.


In 2006 with the passing of our oldest daughter Ellen from bone cancer, and not having additional information on how we could have assisted in her wellbeing, we founded Answers for Angels in November 2008.


My husband and I wanted to help children and adults with cancer. We also wanted to know more about why and how our environment links to cancer. Is there something in the food we eat, the water we drink, the cosmetics, and cleaning products that we use daily that causes cancer?


After reading many books and researching other organizations online, the answers are obvious to us. We decided to help families find the answers to these types of questions and to support them through an experience similar to ours.


Our mission grew from only helping and supporting children with cancer into providing a grant to help patients manage the side effects from conventional treatments with supplements prescribed by integrative oncologists or integrative practitioners or to those seeking alternative treatments. In addition, we provide gift cards or certificates to those following conventional treatments. Please see our Grant Application Guidelines for more details.


Help us by becoming a Supporter of Healing with a monthly donation and help cancer patients manage the side effects from treatment.


Your monthly donation helps outline a foreseeable basis of revenue we depend on to sponsor grants, gift cards, and certificates and to advance our mission to help persons and/or families impacted by cancer. It is the stress-free way to contribute and make certain that Answers for Angels obtains your ongoing support. Your periodic monthly donation signifies, collectively, we endorse physical, mental, and emotional health to balance the mind, body, and spirit:


grants here Fund the grant that cancer patients love!

This allows patients so many options to choose from, such as, seeking an integrative oncologist to understand how to heal and balance their mind, body, spirit, and to prevent cancer, to paying for a small bill in their name.


gift card or certificate Arrange for a gift card or gift certificate

to cancer patients to their favorite store, or maybe for gas or food or even to pay a small bill. Or maybe the patient wishes to attend an activity/class that will promote physical, mental, and emotional health.


Please become a Supporter of Healing today? Your monthly donation will signify so much to someone touched by cancer.



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Inquiries? Please contact Katie Davis at or call 815/600-3215.